Investment Services

We work with you to achieve your financial and investment targets. You define your goal. We adapt and customise a plan that helps you reach them. Our clients have access to our proprietary investment offerings and value-based strategies spanning various asset classes and product structures.

External Assets Management (EAM)

Get the best-in-class advice from Rockstead’s independent wealth managers. Our team of External Asset Managers work independently from banks, allowing them to align their interests with their clients and not be beholden to anyone. They are typically granted a power of attorney over accounts by clients to facilitate asset management of assets held by banks.

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Fund Management

Gain access to distinct yet complementary investment products that cater to a wide range of portfolio needs. We leverage our expertise to optimise the investment outcomes of our research ideas so our clients can maximise returns and minimise loss.

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Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM)

Enjoy customised portfolios worthy of the highest expectations here at Rockstead. For high-net-worth individuals and family office clients, one-size-fits-all investment products are unlikely to align with their sophisticated investment goals and values. As a wealth management and investment company in Singapore, we have the expertise to create bespoke funds and portfolios for our clients.

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Research & Analysis

Benefit from regular and periodic macro-economic and geo-political analysis of the financial markets from Rockstead’s in-house research team. Our experts can also be called upon to provide a deeper analysis of specific financial tickers or codes, including technical, fundamental, and T/SL advice— a value-added service that gives our clients a holistic financial advisory experience.