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The objective of the fund is to provide attractive monthly income while preserving principal capital. The fund invests primarily in corporate debt instruments to generate risk-return performance consistent with this income objective.

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Capital Protection

The Fund Manager tops up* (during months of losses) so that Investors’ AUM is reset to par.

(Since its inception, the fund has achieved profitability in 100% of the reported months.).

Fixed Income - Fund Management Company

Fixed Income

The Fund pays out 0.6% on a monthly basis.  Investors can expect dividends to be remitted on a monthly basis before the 10th working day of the following month.

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Highly Liquid

The Fund comes with no lock-in period, i.e. Investors can withdraw (without penalty) by giving a notice before the 15th day of the month.


Rockstead Resilience Fund (RRF) offers investors access to high quality private debts (import/ export trade financing) and a diversified basket of quantitative investment strategies that are designed to produce consistent market neutral returns.

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What We Invest In?

RRF is an innovative hybrid fund that invests in low-risk trade financing (import/ export related) deals and a basket of high performing systematic trading strategies.

RRF is essentially a multi-strategy, multi-assets fund, which seeks to produce absolute returns.

Why Invest In RRF?

Fund targets to generate attractive risk-adjusted annualized returns of 10% (net of fee)* year on year.

Fund has extremely low volatility and drawdown risk.

Fund provides a target protection on capital using principle behind CPPI (Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance).

Fund’s returns are uncorrelated with the board equity market, and offer good protection against market recessions.

Who Is It For?

Investors who have lower risk tolerance, yet seek consistent, moderate growth.

Investors who believe that trade financing is a unique asset class that can offer attractive market neutral returns.

Investors who believe in data driven, or quantitative approach to financial market investing.

Example – Trade Financing By Fund

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  1. Buyer enters into a sales contract with the Seller
  2. Fund and Seller enter into a lending agreement to cover export of goods (e.g. advance payment, transit, inventory, etc.)
  3. An advance is made by the Fund to Seller (e.g., 90% of the contract value)
  4. Seller then exports goods to the Buyer
  5. Buyer pays into a segregated collection account secured for the Fund
  6. Loan is repaid scheduled repayments and interest from cash in the collection account
  7. Any excess cash after the Fund has been repaid can be swept or released back to the Seller


Rockstead Quant Fund (RQF) offers investors access to a diversified basket of quantitative investment strategies that are designed to generate high-risk adjusted returns.

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Systematic & Quantitative

To achieve consistent performance, the fund only invests in non-discretional, systematic trading strategies. Such investing approach helps eliminates various analytical and emotional biases when making investment decisions.

Proprietary systematic models that the Fund trade are built based on rigorous testing of historical market data. We believe in evidence-base, and not story-base investing.

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Strategy & Asset Diversification

The Fund adopts both asset and strategy diversification approach to investing. We believe that diversification is the key to generate high risk-adjusted returns.

The Fund has exposure to multiple asset classes, including equities, bonds, commodities, currencies, real estate and volatility. In addition, it invests in different classes of trading strategy, including Momentum, Trend Following, Carry, Values, and Volatility Trading.

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Reward-risk Optimised

The aim of the Fund is to generate high risk adjusted returns, not just high absolute returns.

In other word, for each unit of risk (whether it is drawdown or volatility risk) that investors are willing to take, the Fund aims to optimise corresponding returns.

We believe rewards must always be measure against risk.


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What is a Fund Management Company?

At Rockstead Capital, the excellence of our in-house funds is a testament to our unwavering commitment to client success. We consistently deliver high risk-adjusted returns that outperform market averages, creating substantial value for our clients. This performance can be attributed to a combination of meticulous research, sophisticated investment strategies, and a strong focus on risk management.

Our funds are designed with stability in mind, providing a safe harbor even amidst market volatility. We achieve this through diversified investment across various asset classes and sectors, alongside advanced risk management techniques. We further differentiate ourselves with a market-neutral approach. By taking long and short positions in different assets within the same market, we mitigate market risk, enabling us to generate profits irrespective of market trends.

Our in-house funds are managed by a team of seasoned professionals, boasting a wealth of industry experience. This expert team brings together a unique blend of financial acumen, foresight, and expertise, facilitating informed investment decisions and consistent returns.

At the heart of our approach is robust risk management. We believe that effective risk management is the cornerstone of successful investment. Our proactive and comprehensive risk management strategies involve continuous monitoring, rigorous stress testing, and adherence to predefined risk limits.

In summary, choosing Rockstead Capital’s in-house funds is not merely an investment decision, but a partnership with a firm dedicated to your financial success and peace of mind. Our commitment to performance excellence, stability, and risk management, combined with our professional fund management and market-neutral approach, makes us the ideal choice for discerning investors.


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