Setting Up Family Office in Singapore

Lester Tay

Chief Executive Officer

“Thank you for considering Singapore as a potential location to establish a family office.

I believe Singapore’s stable economic and political environment, strong rule of law, and clarity in tax and regulatory regime will provide you with a reliable and predictable operating environment to steward wealth across generations.

With Singapore’s strategic location at the heart of Southeast Asia, the country can provide excellent global connectivity to serve fast-growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Like yourself, many of our international clients are considering establishing family offices in Singapore.”

Family Governance & Legacy Planning

Get advisory support on decisions related to setting up a family office in Singapore, including structuring, legacy planning, investment management, and operationalisation.

Rockstead has extensive experience in providing legal and family office advisory to Forbes’ billionaires, including family offices from the USA, UK, Europe, Malaysian, Indian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian families.

We believe that the suitable family office architecture must encompass your vision of the future, investment philosophy, and plan to protect human and intellectual capital.

Our Expertise


Family vision and charter, sustainability modelling and governance implementation, centralised capital raising & preservation

Family Expertise

Business strategy, family assets and holding control, governance, ESG/GRI compliance


Consolidate estate & wealth, leadership transfer planning, understanding needs of the family


Centralise reporting, bill management, property management, simplify administrative burdens & complications


Investment management structuring, club co-investments, due diligence & governance


Legal risk management, insurance & property management & tax planning

Investment Solutions

Rockstead’s formidable and growing investment services are carefully curated to ensure you have a holistic suite of options for all your financial needs. As a leading wealth and investment management company in Singapore, we are committed to providing you with only the best in financial solutions.

  • Rockstead Fixed Income Fund
  • Rockstead Resilience Fund
  • Rockstead Quant Fund
  • Rockstead Managed Account
  • Wealth Protector Portfolio (Low risk)
  • Resilient Balance Portfolio (Low-medium risk)
  • High Growth Portfolio (Medium-high risk)
  • Ultra High Yield Portfolio (High risk)
  • Discretional Portfolio Management (DPM)
  • Rockstead has the expertise to customise and construct bespoke portfolios for our clients
  • Rockstead is a Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII), which allows its clients to make direct investments in all listed securities in China

As a global investment firm, our private equity investments are differentiated by our:

  • Expertise in creating value – we are active investors that partner with our portfolio company management teams to achieve growth and improve productivity.
  • Stakeholder engagement – we regularly engage with a range of stakeholders, including individuals, investors, global organizations and community groups, who are affected by our business decisions and can contribute to our success.
  • Creative & innovation – we continue to innovate by establishing new strategies and capabilities that leverage our experience, partnerships, and intellectual capital, and that enhance our private equity investments.
  • Extensive network & reach – we harness our global network of professionals and advisors, as well as our relationships with business leaders worldwide to source proprietary investments.
  • Deep industry knowledge & proprietary sourcing capabilities – our focused investment approach is designed to address the complexities of investing in global businesses.
  • Structured products (e.g. equity-linked notes)
  • Third-party mutual funds, unit trusts, and hedge funds
  • Loan, mortgage, insurance and investment-linked products

Our Concierge Services

You have come a long way to get to this point in life. At Rockstead, we appreciate the value of your time. Our concierge services allow you to focus on what truly matters to you.

Relocation Services

Setting up a home can be a stressful task. Let us take care of your relocation needs.

  • Home search and temporary accommodation search
  • Home set-up and settling in
  • Moving and storage
  • School search for children
  • Partner support
  • Domestic help
  • Vehicle rental or purchase
  • Language and cross-cultural training

Executive Protection

We are fully dedicated to ensuring the safety of both you and your family.

  • Security risk assessment and management
  • Security arrangement planning
  • Identifying/ Training of executive protection operatives
  • Provision of security vehicles
  • Control room monitoring of Principle/VIPs

Private Air Charter

Your comfort and convenience should not take second place. Avoid the fuss of the airport with our air charter services.

  • Private jets for business and leisure
  • Flight scheduling flexibility
  • Quicker check-ins and faster transit times
  • Ensure maximum privacy and security
  • Personalised services, such as special meals catered to our clients’ dietary requirements

Travel Medical Concierge

Your health is one of the most valuable things you can possess. Insure it while you travel to any part of the world.

  • Round-the-clock medical concierge with a dedicated and competent single point of contact to take care of your healthcare needs
  • Fast response time and priority access to healthcare professionals

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