External Assets Management (EAM)


Enjoy having a single point of contact with our finance experts. Rockstead has partnerships with ten different financial institutions, including banks and brokerage firms.

Each client will be allocated to an existing and experienced External Asset Manager who is ready and available to work out your individualised financing solutions, in addition to the enviable interest rates– a service that even banks cannot guarantee.

  1. Current EAM relationship with ten financial institutions, banks, and brokerage firms
  2. Single point of contact and reporting for multiple PB accounts
  3. Personalised and dedicated services
Private Wealth Management Singapore


Meet your specific investment goals with our asset management services. Our professional will first assess our client’s risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives.

Based on this information, a suitable asset allocation is determined. The portfolio is then continuously monitored and rebalanced as needed to keep it in line with your original goals. When it comes to private wealth management, one size does not fit all.

  1. Tailored investment objectives and plans based on individual client’s profile
  2. Unbiased access to broader product offerings, including direct investments into pre-IPO/placements
  3. DPM/APM, with a lower transaction cost structure


Insurance Brokerage

Get personalised advice on your insurance plans. Rockstead not only stands as a sentinel to protect our clients’ assets but also guards them against unnecessary financial losses.

Operating with that vision, our advisors conduct a critical analysis to evaluate each variable–premium flexibility, cash value portion, and investment portion. 

  1. Access to a wide spectrum of insurance products
  2. In-house expertise in accessing and recommending bespoke insurance plans
  3. Universal Life (UL)/Variable Universal Life (VUL)


Find the best possible financial solution for your needs. Taking out a loan is a big financial decision. Rockstead’s in-house mortgage brokerage advisors have a wealth of experience and knowledge so you can find the best financial package for your needs, whether you’re looking for a new mortgage, refinancing an existing loan, or restructuring your debt.

Backed by a large network of lenders, we’re also able to offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

  1. In-house mortgage brokerage advisors
  2. Unparalleled financial and refinancing packages across numerous debt-structuring and restructuring options
  3. Competitive loan rates


Why is Private Wealth Management Important?

Navigating the intricate world of finance and investment can be challenging. This is where the services of a private wealth management firm, such as Rockstead Capital, become invaluable. Here are some key reasons why private wealth management is important:

Access to Expertise

– A private wealth management firm has a team of professionals with vast experience and a deep understanding of the financial markets. These experts can provide insights into market trends, identify potential investment opportunities, and advise on risk management strategies. They can also assist with tax planning, estate planning, and other complex financial matters, ensuring that all aspects of your wealth are optimally managed.

International Reach

– In today’s globalized world, investment opportunities are not confined to domestic markets. A private wealth management firm has the capacity and network to identify and access investment opportunities on a global scale. With their international reach, they can help diversify your investment portfolio and spread risk across different markets and asset classes.

Personalized Approach

– Every individual has unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. A private wealth management firm recognizes this and provides a highly personalized service tailored to your specific needs. They take the time to understand your financial objectives and craft a custom investment strategy designed to achieve those objectives.

Comprehensive Services

– Private wealth management is not just about investing. It encompasses a wide range of services, including financial planning, tax and estate planning, philanthropy, and more. By working with a private wealth management firm, you can access all these services under one roof, simplifying the management of your wealth.

Peace of Mind

– Perhaps the most significant benefit of private wealth management is the peace of mind it provides. Knowing that your wealth is being managed by experts who understand your financial goals can give you the confidence to focus on other aspects of your life. In conclusion, private wealth management plays a crucial role in helping individuals and families preserve and grow their wealth. By providing access to expertise, international investment opportunities, personalized services, and a comprehensive range of financial services, a private wealth management firm like Rockstead Capital can be a valuable partner in your financial journey.