Discretional Portfolio Management (DPM)

Family office clients can access high-performing investment portfolios through our Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) service. Our family office clients typically have a substantial amount of investment funds to deploy, allowing us to tailor their portfolios to their investment objectives and risk appetites. These discretionary portfolios are implemented in separate managed accounts, and assets from other clients are never commingled with these portfolios.

To further customise the risk-return profiles of clients’ discretionary portfolios, we can arrange with our banking partners to “wrap” selected strategies or baskets of strategies with a CPN (Capital Protected Note), Leveraged Notes, options, or warrants. Such wrappers or structures prove to be extremely helpful for clients who wish to protect their capital, set hard limits on losses, or gain leverage on their investments.


At Rockstead Capital, we make use of a simple framework to objectively evaluate and improve the performance of our clients’ investment portfolios.

Based on the framework, a portfolio is considered superior if it has the following characteristics.

  1. Portfolio produces high risk-adjusted benefits.
  2. Portfolio generates returns with low correlation to financial markets.
  3. Portfolio experiences low maximum drawdown.
  4. Portfolio can recover quickly from losses when they occur. Portfolio delivers stable and well-distributed positive returns.

You can read more about the framework here.

For more information on Rockstead Capital family office services and discretional portfolio management services, please contact any of our relationship managers or email familyoffice@rockstead.com.